Thursday, June 10, 2010

Windows 7 Gamer Edition

Windows 7 Gamer Edition Details:

Windows 7 Gamer edition by Undedcrows is the most populer edition of Windows 7. This Edition is modded from Windows 7 Ultimate 6.7600. This Edition have many good sights. But nothing in the world without error. I have tested some things of Windows 7 Ultimate Main Edition of Microsoft and Windows 7 Gamer Edition by Undedcrows.
I have tested many things both operating system of Windows 7. Here's the details of My tests:

Good point of Gamer edition & Bad point of Main edition:

1. Windows 7 Gamer edition have so much fast Explorer, which is the major problem of Main edition. The Main Edition of Windows 7 have slower explorer, which hangs up more time.

2. Gamer edition have modded Direct X 11, which boost up game speed. But I saw a little different. If you update direct X 11 in Main edition of Windows 7, you will get good speed of your game software.

3. Windows 7 Gamer edition explorer reduced more crashes. It's a plus point of Gamer Edition.

4. Gamer edition reduced more Gaming Crash. Besides Windows 7 Main Edition don't have.

5. Gamer edition have many registry Tweaks. It's boost up windows 7. You can do it your self by Using registry tweak software in Windows 7 Main edition.

6. Shall Response developed in Gamer edition, which main edition causes a lot.

7. Many Windows 7 files recovered in windows 7 Gamer edition.

8. Gamer edition have high quality icon. You can add this to main edition.

9. Additional 3rd party softwares auto install with Gamer edition. You don't need to install manually.

10. Gamer edition added desktop Right Click Shortcut to Control panel. You can work more fastly with these registry hacks.

Bad point of Gamer edition:

1. The main fact is, gamer edition Font is broken. Which The Main Edition haven't.

2. Maximum editiong of Gamer edition is made by V-lite software. As a result, it crashes at the time of Programing.

3. Undeadcrows can be make Gamer edition more better. The told, most of the windows file problem are solved. But they didn't solved Windows 7's common problem. Such as- Build in Bluetooth support in laptop, Camera driver, Not Responding, Game Explorer sizing problem (It become soved after you resize it 2nd time), ...............................Etc.

4. They modded Direct X 11, But it gives not so much perfomance then main edition of Direct X 11.

5. In personalise, when I changed Windows sounds, it shows Windows Default. But I changed that to Garden.

6. Undeadcrows told that, they made Gamer edition to take sort RAM. But It takes as same as Main Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 takes.

7. Very inportant of Gamer edition is Indexing Service is enabled. But Indexing service makes Windows 7 slower and it don't need to us.

8. Theme of Gamer edition made Fonts unreadable. Example is Explorer address bar and search bar. (If you use Black theme and Wallpaper.)

9. Windows 7 Black Screen Problem did not solved correctly.

10. Some unused windows 7 feathurs did not removed. That's why Windows 7 Stiil not so faster then XP.

I recommeded you to Use GAMER EDITION. Beacuse gamer edition is overall better then main edition of Windows 7 Ultimate x64. If you are running windows x64 edition, Just REPLACE IT WITH WINDOWS 7 GAMER EDIION.

Overall, Gamer Edition is better and customize gamer edition to get solved with gamer edition!!!!
Here are the links to download Gamer edition x64 By Undead Crows Go to My Website:

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